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"We are organizing hackathons, community events and workshops all about prototyping, design thinking, agile development and building the right company culture."

Latest Project

Startup Weekend Dresden – 17./18./19. November 2017

This years startup weekend was huge, successful and inspiring. Check out our After Movie produced by Matteo Rüger.
We were co-organisators of the Startup Weekend Dresden, one of the biggest, public hackathon events in town. Within 54 hours the participants had pitched their own ideas, chose the best ones to work on them and finally presented infront of an experienced jury.
During the weekend the teams were supported by coaches from different expertises like product management, business model creation, prototyping, user research and more.
Like for every of our events, we also had live music acts, networking time during dinner for coaches, sponsors and jury as well as other surprises like yoga and live painter to make the event also fun and unforgetable.

For more details follow Startup Weekend Dresden at facebook.

Startup Weekend Dresden 2017
Startup Weekend Dresden 2017
Startup Weekend Dresden 2017
Startup Weekend Dresden 2017
Startup Weekend Dresden 2017

Startup News Dresden

Visit founderella to read about latest Startup News from Dresden.

Part of our vision at Hack.Events is to form and push the startup community of saxony and especially Dresden.
That's why we also strengthen the network of people talking about startups, organizing events and allowing community events in their rooms.

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What's up next?

Startup Weekend Dresden 2018

After the success of our latest Startup Weekend in November 2017 we are happy to already start planning for the next one. Stay tuned till we can tell more...

Mountain Tour

For young entrepreneurs we see it highly important to challenge comfortzones, take time to reflect and network with equally minded people.
We are planning something special here in May ;)

Boat Trip

During summer everybody needs a break with time for relaxing, nice barbecue, inspiring chats and some cool water.
Read more about our summer trip, soon.

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History of Events


"She started it" – Film & Founders Meetup

We invited female founders to talk about their stories and business. What they had to struggle with and what they learned. Second highlight of the event was watching the movie "She started it", which is all about international startups founded by woman. After the talks and the movie, all guests had the chance to discuss the topics and listen to live music, which is part of all Hack.Events.

Design Thinking – Coaches

We were part of a five person coaching team for one of the biggest soft drink companies. Their management and employees had one day crash course in design thinking with its basics and most important tools.


During autumn the days are getting grey and its best time for coding. That's why we organized a hackathon for coders where we mixed young talents from university with senior developers from companies. Five ideas where pitched and the teams worked friday to sunday for presenting a prototype at the end. During live music and buffet learnings and experiences where exchanged.
We showed how mark>powerfull exchange between young students and senior developers could be. The one side showed current technology trends and new frameworks while the others could bring in long years of experience how to architect software.
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Our Team

Wadim Suslow

Lars Schmiedgen

Alexander Bresk

Leo Käßner

Alexander Nast

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